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"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...."

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"Saving fingers . . . left and right!"

That's our motto: the whole reason behind creating SnoStik.  A simple, yet ingenious device - SnoStik brings a new level of convenience and safety to snowblower users everywhere. 

SnoStik sets the standard for the snowblower industry.  Cutting-edge design and computer-aided engineering have produced a tool that every snowblower user needs to have.


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the auger collects snow and feeds the impeller.  The impeller then attempts to “throw” (or jam) the snow through a small opening in the housing.  Then it tries to push the compressed snow up through a narrow, restrictive chute that helps direct the snow. 

BUT, the AUGER, IMPELLER, AND CHUTE CAN ALL GET CLOGGED.  When conditions are especially bad - heavy snow, wet slush, and frozen ice are just too much for the machine to handle, leaving the user stranded!

Approximately 23 MILLION Snowblowers have been sold in the U.S.  Each year,
millions of users experience "Snowblower Interuptus" (a condition that is both unproductive and frustrating).  And, it always happens at the worst times.  Wet, icy, slushy - it's a terrible mess! 

To get back to work quickly, most users mistakenly try to unclog the chute with their hand - which only makes things worse!   NOW THE USER'S HANDS ARE  WET,  AND FREEZING!!

Snowblowers are very dangerous. General common sense (and the machine Owner's Manual) tells you not to put hands/fingers near moving machinery (such as the impeller and auger). Yet every year people make mistakes. In their haste, they try to clean the chute area with their hand . . . with potential danger just a few inches away

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With SnoStik hooked to the handle, help is always with you. Simply release the handles on the snowblower (letting the auger/impeller come to rest). Grab the SnoStik, and with one or two quick jabs, the clog is cleared. Now you're ready to go back to work. The best part is, your hands never went near the snowblower auger/impeller, or the wet, cold snow.

They're still

DRY, WARM, AND SAFE . . . just because you used john deere snow blower, ariens snow blower, honda snow blower

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Convenience and Safety all in one!

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