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Dear Customer:

Thank you for making the choice to purchase a Snostik. It's designed to be easy to use, as well as keep you dry, warm, and safe. We appreciate every customer, and hope you have great success using it.

We strive for total customer satisfaction, so if there is any question or problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck, and please refer to our product pages and your Snowblower Manufacturer's Owner's Manual for any and all Safety and User precautions



President - SnoStik, Inc.

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1 SnoStik = $13.99 ea. + $4.95 S&H (US only)

2 SnoStiks = $13.99 ea. + $6.95 S&H (US only)

3 SnoStiks = $12.99 ea. + $8.95 S&H (US only)

4 SnoStiks = $10.99 ea. + $11.95 S&H (US only)

5 SnoStiks = $9.99 ea. + $13.95 S&H (US only)

Just click on the Buy Now button by the Quantity of SnoStiks you want to purchase, and our Secured Site Purchase Provider will do the rest.  Product will be shipped in two business days upon processing & approval.


SnoStik has been engineered to the highest tolerances, and exhibits the cutting-edge, state of the art design in snowblower accessories.  SnoStik leads the industry as being the first and the most universal snow removal device on the market today.  We invite any and all companies for SnoStik to be one of the fine products you provide for your customers.  Program and pricing information is readily available, and we strive to be your business partner.  Please contact us with the direct E-mail link provided, or feel free to call or write to us (info below).


465 Lowries Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: 1-866-SNO-STIK

FAX 1-724-934-4322


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