"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

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Has your snowblower ever become clogged with ice, slush, and snow, leaving you stranded? We have the solution to your problem - the SnoStik. It's the greatest invention to hit the snowblower industry for the past twenty-five years. SnoStik is a simple, inexpensive, high-tech tool designed to clear ice, slush, and snow from your clogged snowblower discharge chute; keeping your hands away from potential danger while they stay dry and warm. You can work longer without the need to stop and change to dry gloves, or to warm your hands due to wet or cold conditions. Staying dry, warm, and safe, will make SnoStik the snowblower user's "BEST FRIEND." 

SnoStik is also a fantastic, NEW safety device. Despite repeated industry-wide warnings in Operator Safety Manuals regarding the risk of obstruction removal, many people use their hands to "clean out" the discharge chute area, and the impeller/auger moves, injuring their hand (or worse, causing amputation). This motion can be caused when: 1) the impeller/auger is not completely stopped; 2) a "stopped" impeller/ auger moves once the obstruction is dislodged; 3) a very rare "last-revolution spark" (not expended before the impeller was stopped) firing and creating motion. Each case can be extremely dangerous if an operator has his hand near the impeller/ auger area. While using SnoStik, the operator's hand is kept out of the impeller/auger area, thus minimizing the inherent risk of obstruction removal. (This implies no more safety than every Manufacturer warns users about, and we maintain that the snowblower impeller/ auger must be stopped before using a SnoStik.) (WE ENDORSE EVERY AND ALL MANUFACTURER'S SAFETY PRECAUTIONS)

Product Features and Benefits-
  • U. S. Patent - Ensuring high quality, protected one-piece design.
  • Trademarked Name - "SnoStik "- the original; THE "One-and-Only."
  • High-tech CAD-CAM design - cutting-edge design makes it light, yet extremely strong.
  • High Impact Polypropylene - withstands high impact even at 0° .
  • Red Color - easy visibility if dropped in the snow, even in low light.
  • 24" Long - works on small or large snowblowers - providing room to work safely.
  • Smooth Curved Design - to guide tip into tight spots, and aid in angling tip.
  • Angled Tip - "drives" SnoStik into corners, or to clean the outside edge of the chute.
  • Hand Guard - keeps operators' hand or gloves from hitting a chute edge.
  • Built-in Hanging Hook - integrated hook clips onto Snowblower handle.
  • Knurled/Ribbed Handle - provides a sure grip and positive control, even with gloves on.
  • Smooth, Quality Finish - Good appearance, and snow shakes off easily.
  • Works unplugging - Lawn mower deck discharges, grass collection chutes, gutters, etc.
  • One Year Warranty- SnoStik offers FREE replacement for one year (+ S & H).




SnoStik, Inc. offers a solidly engineered product at a great price.
SnoStik's high-tech design makes your work simple, but we also make your purchase simple.

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